As one of the traditional IC testing interface products and solution suppliers, TwinSolution Technology, that was founded in 2006, has been serving for over 10 years in Semiconductor industry. With great reputation of good quality and professional technical support, Twinsolution has become an international, most reliable suppliers and partners in global market to our customers for test products.
The development course
2006 Mar,TwinSolution established.
2006 Mar,Signed exclusive distribution agreement with UMD Group
2007 Apr,TwinSolution Technology Ltd registered in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park
2009 Dec,TwinSocket® trade mark registered
2012 Jan,TwinSolution Suzhou Technology Ltd opened in Suzhou Industrial Park.
2012 Oct,Certified by ISO9001
2013 Oct,Moved into new plant with 4000 sq.meters in Suzhou SIP park.
2014 Apr,Opened office in Santa Clara,California and Hsinchu,Taiwan
2014 July,TwinSolution International Inc.incorporated.
2014 Sep,HOUJI Partnership(厚积管理合伙企业)formed by Employee.
2015 Apr,HUOJU(上海火炬风险投资)invested
2015 Jul,Otter Capital(水獭资本)and HOUJI(厚积合伙)invested.
2015 Jul,Changed name to Shanghai TwinSolution Technology Co.Ltd
2016 Jun,Twin Solution USA Inc.Incorporated

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